In this section we will enjoy the best songs from the current choreography and lifetime, we will see how to create and perform the best works of art by the greatest artists: musicians, composers, singers, photographers, painters, sculptors, illustration illustrators, etc ...

In songs, the section will include fragments or whole pieces of masterpieces of classical music, rock & roll, jazz, contemporary, traditional. Will attend the tests, we will interview the authors, composers, musicians, singers, go into his studio work, know their stories and more. We see photo professionals doing their best shots and foreign study, painters and sculptors prepare and give life to his masterpieces.

Technical Program

  • UltraHD exterior cameras recording JVC GY-HM200 and GoPro Hero
  • Post production recording outdoors: Adobe Premiere
  • Design and creation of virtual scenarios: Virtual Set Editor (VSE)
  • Performing live in auditoriums, theaters and equipment set TriCaster™

VSE ™ i TriCaster ™ are registered trademarks of the American company NEWTEK™
Program and brand Original ideas are Jordi Andreu, producer, director and audiovisual

New programs in preparation

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